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Knowledge of truck scale

2023-10-27 15:30:25

Automobile scale knowledge: 1. National regulations on the maximum range error of electronic truck scales:

1. First calibration of electronic truck scale: 0 ≤ m ≤ 500, maximum error+0.5e; 500 ≤ 2000, with a maximum allowable error of+1.0e; 2000 ≤ 10000, with a maximum allowable range of+1.5e;

2. Subsequent verification of electronic truck scales: The maximum allowable error is also the above standard.

3. Verification of electronic truck scale in use: The maximum allowable error during verification is twice the maximum allowable error during the first verification.

2. Method for checking whether the weighing error of the electronic truck scale is within the specified range:

1. Repeatability test: Weigh the same load capacity multiple times, and the difference in results should not exceed the absolute value of the maximum allowable error of the balance.

2. Conduct partial load test: The displayed value error of the same weight at different positions should not exceed the maximum allowable error of the weight.

3. Scales that require calibration:

1. Newly manufactured or installed scales

2. Scale just imported from abroad

3. Balance with complete calibration cycle

4. Repaired balance

5. Balances that require calibration due to user requirements or certain reasons causing seal or lead seal failure