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Tips for Preventing Cheating on Electronic Scales

2023-10-27 09:39:27

Electronic platform scales are our common products. With the increasingly powerful functions of electronic platform scales, their use is also becoming more and more widespread. Our company specializes in the production and sales of electronic platform scales for many years, accumulating years of experience. Therefore, today, I will share with you some tips to prevent cheating on electronic scales. I hope you can gain more from this article.

The editor summarized the following tips to avoid cheating on electronic scales:

1. Before consumption, check whether the electronic platform scale body is labeled with a green qualified verification label. The Metrology Law stipulates that balances used for trade settlement must undergo mandatory verification before they can be put into use. A certified balance must be labeled with a green certification label, indicating that the electronic platform scale has been certified as qualified, measured accurately, and has reliable anti cheating measures. Scales produced by illegal manufacturers that are old, damaged, and lack cheating prevention measures will be considered as unqualified electronic platform scales and cannot obtain qualified verification labels

2. Change consumer attitudes and focus on everything. Some consumers believe that dining in large restaurants or star rated hotels is more reassuring and definitely sufficient. However, according to the inspection results of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, a considerable number of large restaurants and even star rated hotels also have insufficient weight, and good business is equivalent to good reputation. Therefore, when ordering, especially when consuming expensive seafood, consumers must personally go to the seafood pool to order and pay attention to the entire electronic platform weighing process to avoid being deceived.

3. Request necessary consumer proof and bravely defend one's rights when necessary. Remember to request a consumption voucher, such as a tax invoice or receipt, as proof of claim after payment