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How to break through platform scale innovation

2023-10-27 17:01:30

The Chinese electronic platform scale market is becoming increasingly strong, but the industry is also showing an uneven growth trend. Due to the large number of manufacturers of electronic scales, each manufacturer produces different electronic scales in terms of accuracy and other aspects.

Currently, many manufacturers are upgrading the technology of electronic platform scales and conducting actual tests on their accuracy, precision, repeatability, reproducibility, anti-interference, and full process analysis time. However, China lacks market share in high-end constant stiffness and heavily relies on foreign countries. Domestic brands in China hold a certain share in the mid to low end scale, but are firmly controlled by foreign high-end scale production enterprises in the high-end market. Therefore, in order to achieve balanced industrial development and transformation and upgrading, it is necessary to improve the innovation ability of domestic electronic platforms, so that electronic scales can develop faster and go international.

Some obstacles to innovation in electronic platform scales:

1: Low prices cannot guarantee the quality of existing electronic platform scale products. Suppliers cannot truly meet the requirements of product materials, processes, and reliability testing to control costs, and quality will also be greatly reduced

2: Reflected in future after-sales service. Since future after-sales service is considered within the normal price range, it is impossible to fully guarantee after-sales service behind low-priced purchases

3: Opportunities and challenges are equally important, and electronic platform scales also face a gap in development and innovation that is difficult to bridge. Currently, many high-end measurement instruments rely 100% on imports. According to statistics, the value of advanced pointer electronic platform scales imported from abroad every year is nearly 600 billion yuan. Among them, instruments and equipment with high-end technology or related to national security are prohibited from entering Chinese Mainland, so the problem we are facing is mainly lack of scientific and technological content

4: Due to poor innovation ability and market chaos, the domestic high-end scientific instrument industry has basically lost international competitiveness, lacks strong support for national major projects, and has small measurement dimensions and low accuracy.

5: The progress of science and technology and the development of emerging industries have continuously put forward higher requirements for electronic platform scales. The industry must start developing the most advanced modern instruments and meters from now on, continuously utilizing new working principles, using new materials and components to develop new instruments and equipment.