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Types of mechanical scales

2023-10-27 15:26:20

Electronic Scale Blog Information: Mechanical scales refer to the general term for weighing instruments based on mechanical structures, including scales, platform scales, platform logos, spring scales, and industrial large-scale specialized scales.

(1) Scale: Various equal arm levers with weighing fulcrums in the middle, including scales and shaking scales (also known as unequal arm shaking scales).

(2) Platform scale: A lever type mechanical scale that weighs between 50 kilograms and 1000 kilograms.

(3) Spring ratio: Use spring stretching to calculate the proportion of load, which can be displayed on one or both sides.

(4) Platform scale: A lever type mechanical scale weighing less than 50 kilograms (excluding 50 kilograms).

(5) Large mechanical scales and various specialized scales, including floor scales, floor scales, track scales (divided into light and heavy rails), hopper scales, belt scales, packaging scales, suspension scales, as well as steel scales, livestock scales, sugarcane scales, grain scales, liquid quantitative scales, weighing trucks, etc; Weighing and measuring instruments used only in a single industry or process line are called specialized scales, such as postal scales, cigarette scales, etc. The processing methods of mechanical weighing instruments are easy to master, with low manufacturing costs and sales prices, and a wide range of applications. Therefore, they still occupy a dominant position in the Chinese commercial weighing instrument product market (accounting for more than 90% of production) and a considerable proportion in industrial weighing instruments. However, due to limitations in design, processing, debugging methods, and other conditions, the mechanical scale has a large volume, which limits its accuracy, weighing accuracy, and measurement speed to a certain extent. Therefore, they are gradually being replaced by high-performance electronic products, and the market is also gradually shrinking, with a significant surplus of processing capacity.