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Introduction to Forklift Scale

2023-10-27 15:24:15

Forklift scales are abbreviated as hydraulic forklift scales, handling scales, trailer scales, and electronic forklift scales. The forklift scale is lightweight and easy to operate. Adopting an electromechanical integrated hydraulic station and a high-strength steel fork structure, it is safe, reliable, durable, cost-effective, and highly practical.

1. Manual hydraulic trucks are essential tools for material handling, and pallet handling is the lightest and can be operated by any worker.

The design of the tiller is very suitable, with a plastic handle clip, making it particularly comfortable to use. The operator's hands are protected by sturdy protective devices. The lifting and walking control rods can be easily manually operated, making the pallet truck lightweight, safe, and comfortable to use.

3. Twist resistant steel structure, forks made of high-strength channel steel. The fork tip is made into a circular shape to prevent damage to the tray when inserted. The guide wheel allows the fork to smoothly insert into the pallet.

4. The sturdy lifting system can meet most lifting requirements and is galvanized according to standard requirements. The pump cylinder is installed on a heavy-duty protective seat, and the cylinder barrel is chrome plated. The low level control valve and overflow valve ensure safe operation and extend service life.

5. The wheels operate flexibly and are equipped with sealed bearings. The front and rear wheels are made of wear-resistant nylon, with minimal rolling resistance, and are available in rubber, polyurethane, or specialized tires for selection.

6. The hydraulic system and bearings do not require maintenance at all, but in extreme cases, such as in humid environments or when flushing with high-pressure hoses, all bearings are equipped with oil filling holes for refueling.

High lift manual hydraulic forklift scale is a dual purpose vehicle used for high lift loading, unloading, and short distance transportation, as it does not generate sparks and electromagnetic fields. Especially suitable for the loading and unloading of automobiles, as well as the loading and transportation of flammable, explosive, and non combustible materials in workshops, warehouses, docks, stations, freight yards, and other places. This product has the characteristics of lifting balance, flexible rotation, and convenient operation. Safe and reliable work. It is an ideal tool for reducing labor intensity, improving production efficiency, and achieving full load loading and unloading.

Characteristics of forklift scales

Fast: Forklift electronic scale can be operated simultaneously for handling and weighing, and the standard weight can be easily displayed by pressing the handle.

Province: Cancel intermediate links and adopt mobile direct weighing, with a speed twice that of traditional weighing, saving labor.

Hui: One machine dual use, is it a mobile forklift or a weighbridge.

Convenient: No need to plug in, charge once, and use continuously for a week.

Precautions for forklift scale operation

Before and after the operation of the forklift scale, the appearance, audio signal, startup, operation, and braking performance should be checked. Add lubricating oil and cooling water.

Before starting, observe all around to confirm that there are no obstacles that hinder driving safety. Then, take a look before starting.

3. When forking, the spacing between the two forks should be adjusted as needed to balance the load on the two forks without deviation. One side of the goods should be placed against the blocking frame, and the height of the goods should not obstruct the operator's line of sight

4. Do not lift the fork too high while driving. When entering or leaving the workplace or driving, pay attention to any obstacles or scratches in the air. When handling goods, if the forklift's lift is too high, it will also increase the overall height of the forklift's center of gravity, affecting the stability and accuracy of the forklift scale.

After unloading, the fork should be lowered to its normal position before driving.

6. When turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, signals should be given first to prohibit sharp turns. Rapid and sharp turns may cause the forklift scale to lose lateral stability and overturn.