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Use and Maintenance of Electronic Weighing Instruments

2023-10-27 15:32:58

1. Before starting the machine, check whether there is any cargo on the weighing platform, whether the connection between the sensor signal cable and the instrument is correct, and whether the weighing body is shaking flexibly.

2. Turn on the power and preheat the instrument (15-30 minutes), observe if the instrument self checks properly.

3. When weighing, the goods should be handled carefully and placed as much as possible in the middle of the weighing platform. Overweight goods and vehicles are not allowed to be weighed.

4. When weighing on a truck scale, it is advisable to slowly move up and down on the weighing platform, and sudden braking is not allowed on the platform.

5. After weighing, the goods and vehicles should be moved away in a timely manner, and do not stay on the weighing platform for a long time to avoid long-term compression and damage to the sensors.

6. When the weighing machine is stopped, the power should be turned off first and the power plug should be unplugged; When it rains and thunders, work should be stopped to avoid damage to instruments and sensors caused by lightning strikes.

7. Regularly clean foreign objects and dust between and around the scale body and base to prevent them from getting stuck and causing inaccurate weighing.