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Portable truck scale

2023-10-27 15:33:58

Portable car scale is a weighing tool used to weigh cars. The working methods of automobile axle load gauges are quite selective, with the most commonly used being dynamic and static wheel measurement, dynamic and static axle measurement, and long vehicle measurement. It has great applications in our daily lives, and without it, it can be used in many places. The desktop is thin, lightweight, and easy to carry. The weighing platform adopts a structure with multiple sealed sensors embedded in the bottom of the high-strength aluminum alloy weighing platform, which has high weighing accuracy and good sealing effect. However, once a malfunction occurs, our inability to promptly troubleshoot it will have a significant impact on us. Now let's talk about how to troubleshoot.

The malfunction of portable car scales is not as difficult to repair as we imagine. After years of practical experience by technical personnel, users can usually solve problems themselves, but many people do not have knowledge in this field. The following points need to be taken seriously:

Firstly, when the weighing reading of the truck scale jumps, we should not panic. We can start with various connection lines of the truck scale and check if the line connections are normal and loose. If any problems are found, they should be dealt with promptly.

Secondly, check whether the internal junction box is affected by moisture, as many people use car scales outdoors, which inevitably prevents them from being affected by rainwater. Therefore, once a malfunction is found, this aspect of inspection cannot be omitted.

Thirdly, if the fault is inaccurate weighing, what should we do? This is also relatively simple. We can check if there are stones or other debris at the bottom of the scale body, as many people do not perform daily maintenance. In our repair case, 40% of the reason is due to debris such as stones stuck under the main body of the scale.